3 tips that can help your refrigerator last longer

3 tips that can help your refrigerator last longer

The refrigerator is surely one of the most important appliances in our homes. It is an appliance that cannot be substituted and that plays a huge role in the well-being of the family. Refrigerators are also appreciated because of their durability. A fridge has a lifespan of 1 to 17 years and nowadays some refrigerators can last even longer. Reading this you may think that fridges have no faults but that not the case. Even though refrigerators are very robust appliances, if they are not taken care of appropriately, they end up breaking down really fast.

Fortunately, there are some little things you can do to prevent that. Let’s look at five of these life saving tips or should I say fridge saving tips.

Clean The Condenser Coil:

The condenser coil is the part of the fridge located under or behind the refrigerator. The condenser coil helps to take out the heat in the fridge and freezer. Because of the proximity of the condenser coil with the ground, it is always covered in dust and dirt. The dirt that accumulates in the condenser coil makes the refrigerator lose in efficiency and the fridge has to put on more effort to function properly.

To keep your refrigerator at an optimal condition you should clean the condenser coil at least every 3 months. To clean a condenser coil, first remove the snap-off grill situated behind and the bottom of your fridge, then inside using a long-handled bristle brush. Finally clean all around the fridge and that is it, your fridge is safe.


Replace the door gasket:

The door gasket is the rubber that surrounds the door of your refrigerator. It helps to seal the door of the refrigerator tight when closed. With time a door gasket can weaken or wear. A worn gasket leads to warm air entering the fridge and that can cause your fridge to break. A gasket can also accumulate a lot of dirt throughout time and thus be a home to bacteria.

To know the condition of your gasket just take a close look at it and gently open the folds. If you see a considerable amount of dirt in there it means you should clean it. To clean it simply use a toothbrush and sponge. The toothbrush will help you take out dirt from places difficult to reach with a sponge. To check if your fridge closes hermetically, put a dollar banknote while closing the door. If the banknote falls it means that you have to replace your gasket.


Defrost your refrigerator: 

Frost can be a huge problem especially for old fridges. Frost build up has a very negative impact on your fridge, it affects the efficiency of your appliance and this can be visible in your bills. For refrigerators that have self-defrosting there is no worry to have . On the other hand if your fridge does not have this feature it is important to unplug it for some hours to allow the ice melt. Once your fridge defrosted, remove all the content of your fridge and clean well before plugging in the fridge again.


What to remember?

To make your fridge last longer, make sure to clean your fridge often, both interior and exterior parts. Pay attention to the condenser coil and remember to defrost for your fridge to increase efficiency.

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