Bad Laundry Habits Most People Have.

Bad Laundry Habits Most People Have | Next Door Appliance

Laundry is a chore that is done at least once a week in little families and two to four times a week in big families. We learn how to do this at a very young age and that is the same time when we get all our bad laundry habits. Most of us do not even know that our laundry habits are bad and that is why we decided to write this article. Let’s see what bad laundry habits we have to break.

Overloading the washing machine:

Usually when people have a lot of clothes to clean, they are tempted to squeeze in as many clothes as possible  in the washer. This is a very bad idea because it makes the washing machine work harder to clean the clothes. This will result in a breakdown of your appliance. Moreover when there are too many clothes in the washer, it does not clean the clothes efficiently. So, do not hurry when doing laundry, take your time and respect the amount of clothes that can be put in the washing machine.


Using too much detergent:

Using too much detergent when doing your laundry is a mistake that a lot of people do. When too much detergent is used, there are a lot of residues that remain in the washer and when these residues accumulate it causes the washer to break. When doing laundry, use the measuring cup that comes with the washing machine to measure the quantity of detergent you will use. Do not put more than one cup of detergent per cycle.


Leaving wet clothes in the washer:

Laziness sometimes makes us forget our wet clothes in the washing machine. This is something that is important to stop. We clothes in the washing machine cause mold and mildew to start growing and it makes our laundry smell really bad. If after washing your clothes they have a bad smell it might be because they overstayed in the washing machine.


Zipping and Buttoning

Another thing we do not know is whether to zip or unzip or clothes as well as whether to button or unbutton our clothes. The advice we give is to zip all clothes before putting them in the washing machine and to unbutton all clothes. If you leave your clothes buttoned, the washing machine will stress then and this might make them pop off.


Piling clean clothes in the laundry basket

After washing and drying clothes, they should be ironed and folded quickly. Piling clothes will make them very wrinkled and they might also get dirty once more. If you have a bunch of sloths in the laundry basket, sort out your clothes and those that have a smell or some spots, wash them once more.

Bad laundry habits can cause your washing machine or dryer to break. That is why you have Next Door Appliance Repair. We are experts in all appliance repair and maintenance. If your washer or dryer is faulty, give us a call and our technicians will intervene immediately.

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