Most Common Stove Problems & How To Fix Them

stove problem

Whether you use a range or a built-in cooktop, the stove is one of the most essential of all appliances you own, and when it malfunctions and gives you trouble, it’s hard not to stress out and panic. Without a stove, how can you make your children’s favorite soup?

We at Next Door Appliance Repair understand the anxiety you are having due to a broken stove, but we are here to tell you not to worry. With regular cleaning and maintenance, the most common stove issues can be fixed right away, leaving you ready to go prepare late-night snacks.

Problem # 1: The Burners Won’t Heat

Test all the others if one of your electric burners would not heat properly. If you have trouble heating all your burners, it’s probably an electrical problem, and you will need professional help. If only one coil heats incorrectly, check the connection and ensure that the coil is securely plugged into the cooktop itself. If the new coil works just fine in the same spot where the broken coil was plugged in, it means it’s time for a replacement. 

Problem # 2: Element Won’t Heat

If you use an induction cooker and it just won’t heat up, make sure the pan you’re using is compatible with the induction. Induction works by directly heating the pan rather than the burner below. So for your cooktop to work correctly, you will need special, polar pans. 

Problem # 3: Burner Won’t Light

There could be a few things going wrong if the flame just doesn’t light up on your gas cooker. You can usually hear a grinding noise and be able to detect gas coming from the valves. The problem is likely with the gas flow if you hear the click but don’t smell anything. If you smell gas but don’t hear a click, the problem could be in the ignition switch.

Problem # 4: Burner Slowly Heating 

No matter what sort of cooktop you have, a slow-heating cooktop may become a big problem. This problem may be due to the burner openings being clogged with dirt or other debris, leaving the flames small and weak if you have a gas cooker. By giving your whole stove a thorough clean, this can be fixed.

Problem # 5: Keeps Clicking

When you turn on your gas stove, some clicking is natural, but if it persists long after the burner is lit, or even prevents the lighting of the burner, it can become a real annoyance. Typically, this issue arises when something is blocking the burner. Check to ensure that the burner cap has not been out of place and that the holes are not covered by debris and dust.

With these tips, your stove will be up and running again in no time. If your cooktop does end up needing a major fix, be sure to contact us here at Next Door Appliance Repair to make sure you get the best stove repair service possible.

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